Services tailored to your needs

Our focus on equity  informs all our work, which generally speaking fits into the categories listed below. If you are interested in related service please check with us.


Our specialization is providing formative feedback for both large and small organizations that have received grants, typically programmatic grants implementing a particular philosophy/program, often incorporating professional development for museum educators. We function best as critical friends for organizations, stepping back, viewing the large picture, keeping in mind the philosophy of the institution, the goals of the grant, as well as a unique personality of the institution itself, to provide both small and large suggestions/interventions as needed.

We have worked with National Science Foundation, NASA, Dept of Education funded efforts as well as those funded through private grants and funds


We also provide summative reports for institutions both large and small, in a way that presents a holistic picture of the grant, the institution, and the participants so as to see the developmental progression of the grant and the institution, how the project and organization evolved over time, as well as meeting timeline and goals.

Beyond reporting on meeting timeline and goals, we typically structure summative reports  in terms of these key areas:  overview, successes, products, challenges and tensions and their resolution.


We provide written reports for both large and small organizations; these have ranged from evaluation of curriculum, projection of future services; synthesis of research in an identified area, overviews of future professional development needs.


We have considerable expertise in working with teaching and administrative professionals at all levels, both inside and outside the museum.


We have considerable expertise in working on communication skills with professionals at all levels, both inside and outside the classroom. Again the focus on equity in the centerpiece on this work